Friday, July 14, 2017


Summer is the official wanderlust season. Who doesn't love a relaxing trip to the lake, the beach, mountains or a leisurely road trip. Not exactly sure Disney fits in that category but it sure is a " magical" kind of fun.

This new line " Pastimes" sure captures that feeling. Another plus, the state of Oklahoma is on 4 of the papers. No longer have to search to no avail. The vintage Disney items are charming as well.

Also just in a new shipment of Somerset magazines- Home, Artful Blogging, Where Women Create, Bella Grace & Bella Grace Field Guide. Perfect for summer reading.

And continuing on our theme for today-

2017 Travel/Beach Book
Thurs., July 20th
Jackie, $45
Still a couple seats left in this Paper Crown classic-
wonder who has done Jackie's travel book every year?
To sign up call Paper Crown at 405 848-2389
You missed a fun night last night- girls, who is still chuckling- thanks!

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