Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Thank you Julie!

What a nice surprise! Jackie let me know this am that our friend, Julie Haymaker, who taught at Paper Crown last spring posted a nice article today about the store and our very own Jackie. Such kind words Julie; thank you.

One of Julie's beautiful creations.

For some reason my computer is not cooperating today (I'm pretty sure it will not make the trip to Waco) so I can't paste the link but Julie's website is juliehaymaker.com.

For those of you that want to try, we have the shrink, Julie's molds including her new one, and the hardware to create these beautiful and fun beads.

Julie, once I get the Waco store settled, OF COURSE you and Jackie are welcome to come teach as often as I can drag you down. The door will always be open. 

New sale items have been put out today and the dime paper restocked. What Easter we have left is 60% off.

 I will continue to get in new items until the last week of the month so check into social media to see what is new. 
Preview of Next Week's Sale

For all of you Graphic 45 lovers, next weeks sale paper and items will all be Graphic 45. We will take mail orders for a minimum purchase, so get your list ready.

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