Thursday, June 21, 2018

Paper Crown Duo

Change is good but at the same time, sometimes it is just plain hard. I have learned that I really don’t embrace change as quickly as I should and quite honestly, I like my routine, my peeps and what is predictable. Those feelings of uncertainty and longing hit at excepted moments, like my first day at the Waco store, but also at the most unexpected times like yesterday.

Yesterday was the first big shipment to arrive since I have moved to Waco. As before, UPS delivered the 3 boxes by the counter and I began checking in the items. As I was stacking the new merchandise, it hit. For the past 5 years, I could predict with 90 % certainty who would be the first ones in to look at a new line. They always arrived together with their notebook and preferred to have it spread out in the back and not all "pretty" out front. I even recall more than one time when they opened the boxes, unpacked it and saw it even before me. Mary and Elaine please know you were thought of and greatly, greatly missed. 

Here is a peek at what was in yesterday’s boxes.


Until I get the on line store up and running, you are welcome to call the store at 254 224-7436 and I will ship anything you see on the blog.
Hope you have a great Thursday!


  1. I know a former flight attendant who would like you to save some of the bottom paper in the last picture. She’ll pick it up next week. ����❤️��

  2. keep up the good work.. we'll be there soon.. missing you

  3. What fond memories Elaine and I (Mary) have looking in boxes and pulling out things for you to put in your inventory so we in turn could buy them. While our hearts are breaking we know in time you will have close friends in Waco. Thanks for embracing our quirkiness!

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