Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ready, Set, GO!

And the first company over the CHA 2011 winter finish line is........drum roll please.....Echo Park! They are always very quick and this was no exception. Echo Park's new lines "Springtime" and "For the Record" were the first to arrive at our back door and begin the spring frenzy.

Echo Parks "Springtime"
Echo Park's "For the Record"

As you can see, "Springtime" is lots of soft pinks, blues, yellows and lavenders. It is very "springy" hence the name- brilliant marketing. I think a bigger plus to this line is the inclusion of  purple. If you love purple, you know it is very scarce in paper lines- this one has many so don't be slow it will be devoured quickly by all those purple people eaters.

" For The Record" is reds, greens, teals and black. It has the vintage ephemera element but also a little wedding. It is truly a very pretty and very eclectic line. We received the complete collection for both so come while the picking is good- see you tomorrow Chelsea!

We also got in this week several boxes from Notions, which is a craft warehouse for many different brands. It has a hodge podge of everything and is where we get our modge podge- corny I know, I couldn't resist.
I would best describe this shipment as a burst of living color in...

Glitter Paper (2 towers full)....


Glimmer Mist and.....

Our 1st shipment of Copic pens!


This infusion of color just makes me happy and I bet it will you also. The fun is just beginning and shipments should be arriving on a regular basis for the next month!

Come by and see the color explosion and for those of you signed up for Franc and Alice's Wonderland Book, it's on for tomorrow evening- yippee no snow!

Hope your dreams tonight will be in "Paper Crown living color." nite, nite


  1. Oh hooooooray! You guys will LOVE Copic markers! They're addicting and worth EVERY penny!

    Can't wait to visit in just over a week!

  2. So excited about the Copic Markers because we will be using them in class tomorrow evening! Love all the new spring colors. Now I need to get Girdie all gussied up for spring to match all the new products!

  3. I stopped by a couple of days ago and picked up some super cool stamps. Love your store