Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days!

This is what we have had to contend with the past few days- snow and a lot of it, at least for us southern girls. The weekend was 75 but by Tuesday am, 11 inches of the white fluffy stuff. Most of OKC is enjoying a good old fashion snow day- or two. The roads are just too dangerous to risk opening the store-or getting stuck. Now is a good time to go through that stash, that way you won't feel guilty for buying all the fabulous new stuff I've been ordering for the past several days.

This probably should have been addressed sooner but the Paper Crown inclement weather policy is if the OKC schools are closed, it's a pretty sure bet we will also be closed so definitely call before you come. 

We have decided to postpone Franc's Alice in Wonderland class until Thursday, February 10th. We are just not sure what the weather will be like tomorrow but chances are the roads will ice over at night and we don't want to take that risk. 

Hopefully the roads will get plowed today and we will be open on Thursday. Since the ATC cards are snowbound at the store and I'm snowbound at home, if you could give us until Friday to pick up your cards it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm sure some of you are still in shock at a new blog post. Believe me, I understand but hopefully the third time is the charm. The first blog was created by Claudia,  the previous owner, then sweet Jill tried to help out by posting but I decided that it is something I need to do so- here we go.

A special thanks to Catherine at Avalon Rose Design who created the blog and website  and Melissa at Designher Brand who has helped me put it all together and make it look wonderful. They have been great to work with and so very helpful and patient. We still have some things to work out but boy does it look great. Thank you again.

With my first post out of the way I'm off to tackle this. Yes,  those are my Christmas decorations which have been artfully piled- not really- on my coffee table. I must say they look beautiful but it is time go to the attic.

Hope you all enjoy the snow day- please be safe and stay warm and hopefully we will be open on Thursday!


  1. OH MY HECK... It's GORGEOUS!!! Love the blog overhaul!!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing posts from you, Cindy! The blog is so damn pretty!

  3. Love the new Blog... and so excited to be able to keep up with Paper Crown news!

  4. Cindy you did it and it looks awesome! I know this will get the ball rolling once again..............

  5. CiNdY...
    you did an awesome job, such a great reflection of our store and you. i lOvE it!!! and, by the way, just by the looks of the banner, i'd want to come shop even if i didn't work there...!
    yEa pApEr CrOwN...franc

  6. YAY!! Love the new blog Cindy!!!

  7. Everything looks so beautiful! Good for you! Looking forward to seeing your posts Cindy!

  8. This blog is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! ~Shelley O.

  9. I just love happy endings...I always love coming to the shop no matter what the reason...happy snow day... hopefully I can get there soon to get my VD cards...B