Saturday, May 14, 2011


I have had a lot of comments and questions lately about classes and Kids Camps at Paper Crown. I haven't responded because to be honest, I'm not sure what we are going to do. We have had some issues come up in the past few months regarding all aspects of  the classes and I'm just trying to figure out the best solution for everyone. The classes take a lot of time to prepare and a lot of time to manage. I will be giving it much thought over the weekend and hopefully can come up with a solution that will please everyone- because at the moment no one is happy.  I seriously doubt classes will totally be abandoned, I know many of you love the classes and the teachers and I thank you for the support. Please be patient as I sort through this issue - I promise to let you know once I have made a decision.

I do know that Medeah's La Paloma class scheduled  for this coming Tuesday at 6:00 is a go. There are still a few openings available if you are interested. You know the drill, just call the store to reserve your spot.

A Happy Happy 19th Birthday to Katie Bug!
I can't believe my baby is 19- where did the time go!
You may be seeing a little of Katie around the store this summer
Katie's birthday present was inspired by something from Glitter Market, can you guess what it was?

If you haven't been in the store this week it is all new so swing by today and say hello to our singing clerk Cheri. For those of you waiting for Girl's Paperie, this will be the last collection they have retired/quit/ just gotten tired, it will be out on Monday.

As some of you know my father is not doing well. I anticipate next week might be a little ify so if you are making a special trip to the store, please call ahead. I'm just not sure what the week will bring. Thks for understanding.

Have a great weekend 


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Katie. She is gorgeous, just like her Mom. Did she want a bike like Jackie's? I have been talking to my husband about one since then. That is my guess.

    I will pray for your Dad, you and your family as you face this difficult time. I know how hard it is. Please let me know if I can help you with anything. Take care of yourself. You cannot do it all. As far as the classes go, I hope the problems can be resolved, but you need to do what is best for you and your family. Hugs, Medeah

  2. Oh Cindy, so sorry to hear that your dad is not doing well. I'll be praying for your family.
    I'm going to be in OKC on Tuesday and will stop by the store.
    I do hope you will continue with classes because you have the *BEST* classes and TEACHERS in the state!

  3. Hi Cindy. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I will keep all of you in my prayers. I miss seeing you and the girls and the store. As you know, my son got married and I was busy with that. Now, it's my daughter's turn and I'm making her dress! me crazy! Anyway, so much going on. I hope whatever issues you're dealing with will be resolved without too much stress on you. You're daughter is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL, but no surprise with you as her mom. I hope to see y'all one of these days. Tell everyone hi for me and take time for yourself! Love ya...Nan