Monday, May 9, 2011

What A Week

First and foremost, I hope you all had a fabulously wonderful and relaxing Mother's Day! These pretties were from the "kiddos" however none of them had any idea nor did they know where the present or cards came from. I have a feeling Prince Charming once again came to the rescue. He really is a Prince.

Whew! What a week last week. I thought it was going to be a quiet catch up kind week and it quickly went south- like way beyond South America to the South Pole south! Battled 2 months worth of sales tickets, 14 boxes of new stuff, the forces of evil, and death. I was a tired puppy on Saturday evening. I survived however and thank goodness it is a new week.

Such a mess last week that I didn't have a chance to recap our wonderful Glitter Market the weekend prior. A huge thanks to all of you that came out on Saturday the 30th to support Glitter Market. The weather was perfect and the art was divine. I'm sure there were a lot of moms that received an extra special present yesterday as a result of Glitter Market.  Thank you also to all of the vendors who made the event- let's face it without you there would be no Glitter Market. The time and energy you put into your merchandise was astounding. We truly have the most talented arts in OKC, as far as I'm concerned you all are the best!

Jackie lovelies- she must not sleep

Colorful mosaics by Amy Baldwin

Jemellia's cheerful aprons

Donna's paintings- the replica of the vintage wallpaper I wanted but was too late!

Valisha's whimsical paintings- one of the birds w/ a crown has a new home at the store

Linda and Brenda's goodies- One of those cute doll head paintings was my Mother's Day present to me!


Our tired but very happy group of vendors! Each and every one of you did a fabulous job I thank you from the bottom of my heart- and can't wait to see what you come up with in the fall!  I hope each and everyone of you had the most wonderful Mother's Day you deserve it!

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