Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sorry Ann-Denise!

In such a hurry to get the summer classes posted that I left out two classes offered by Ann-Denise, the queen of crepe paper,  on Saturday, June 18th. Ann-Denise's classes are always fun and full of extras- tips, goodies, laughs!

 Crepe Paper 101
Saturday, June 18th
Ann-Denise, $50.00

Come learn from the master! In this workshop you will learn all sorts of tricks of the trade and all the special techniques associated with crepe paper. All crepe paper will be provided. If student has a sewing machine please bring to workshop, otherwise a machine will be available. Students are responsible for scissors and glue gun. The possibilities are endless for this class; this is a basic you won't want to miss!

4th of July Fun
Saturday, June 18th

As many of you know Ann-Denise and her very supportive family drive from Ft. Worth to teach at the Paper Crown. Therefore we like to make it worth their time so we will be having a second class on the 18th. We are not sure what this 4th of July goodie will be but I know you will love it. Actually class description will be coming soon but we wanted you to be aware of this second opportunity to enjoy an Ann-Denise class. How about makin' it an Ann-Denise day!

Call the store at 405 848 2389 to reserve your class spot.


  1. I just heard about your Dad... I am so sorry... my love and prayers are with you and your Family...Brenda

  2. So sorry to hear about your dad. Remember you have a lot of friends just call on us.

    Love you