Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Adult Swim

At some point this summer, Austin and I decided it was definitely time for an adult swim. All through junior high, high school and college I worked at a neighborhood pool and I learned to love adult swim (at that time I wasn't even close to being an adult but that what we called it nevertheless.)  It was 15 mins on the hour where only " big people" could get in the pool- no Marco Polo, no throwing in the air, no just hanging on; it was 15 minutes of relaxing to get ready for what the next hour might bring.

Last week was our adult swim and boy was it nice. I really do love the store and  to say Austin loves the law is a gross understatement but we both were worn slick. So we got on a plane and headed to CA- kinda like the Klampetts.

First stop San Francisco. First you must notice two things about this picture- 1. I have on a sweater and 2.  there is a fire going. San Francisco is wonderful for lots of reasons- great food, trolley cars, diverse, you get a workout just walking around  -and up and down, architecture is beautiful, there's an Anthropologie but most of all, it's COOL!  It was down right nippy and I loved it!

We stayed at the Hotel Monaco in downtown. San Francisco is so unlike OKC. Here we want to open a new hotel so we just buy a piece of land, hire a contractor and in a few months you have a beautiful new hotel. In San Francisco there is no land, none it was taken a long time ago so you just take the little area you have and make it amazing. It's kinda like the store when we get in lots of goodies. It's just jam packed and you have things tucked in the smallest places- everywhere you look is some treasure.

Our room was eclectic and fun- bright colors, fum canopy, huge window seat, record player, and decorated in Alice and Wonderland and Jefferson Airplane. Kinda an odd mix but I think they even had a song about Alice so I guess it worked. While Austin was getting the world's largest bag  (more about that later) I decided to take a closer look at this decorating, especially the bunny painted on the wall-

Faintly to the left of Bugs you can see a signature- Gary S----, or maybe it's Grace Smell. Oh you ding dong it's Grace Slick of the Jefferson Airplane apparently she can sing and paint. Grace had painted all the pictures in the room.  Now all the room decor made perfect sense and we are in San Francisco and apparently our hotel had quite the colorful past.

Check out the guy on the mushroom, I don't think this illustration ever made it into a kid's book.  So began our adventure in California.

Fun window display at the florist next door.

More on our adult swim later, no more encounters with psychodelic rock bands from the past. For those of you wondering, I thought is was a paper arts blog it is and there were lots of boxes waiting when I got home including: Websters Pages, 7 Gypsies and Glitz and a huge shipment of beaded bracelets! Come see me

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  1. Oh how I love San Fran! I'm never there for long enough though!