Thursday, September 15, 2011

Eye Candy

Presentation is everything, it sets the mood and can transport you to another place. I remember the first time I walked into a store and just went WOW! Nell Hill's , in Atchison, KS, I just wanted to stay forever looking at all the wonderful treasures. I remember thinking if I ever had a store I would want it to be just like that. It has been an inspiration to me and something I continually strive towards.

Yaks version of Gertie

 Well thanks to Ms. Jackie, I have another favorite- Tale of the Yak in Berkley, CA.  It is a magical  crazy quilt of the most wonderful treasures- luxurious ribbon, delicate jewelry, beautiful papers, and fanciful paper flowers, lanterns and garlands. The store itself was just beautiful- it even had a balcony.

There was actually a bird in this cage- what a lucky duck!

While Austin was in a very grown up conversation with the charming clerk about a film documentary about someone who had been unjustly imprisoned (or at least I think that's what they were discussing- it was Berkley you know) I was walking around this small quaint store drooling. 

There is a lady at the store that makes the most amazing treats from crepe paper. She calls them surprise balls and they are kinda like the little pinatas full of treats. The balls she had on display were swans and pomegranates. When the box arrives with my goodies I will share a picture with you. I honestly don't know how anyone could open it to see what's inside; the outside is a treat enough for me.

 So if you ever get to San Francisco I would recommend the quick drive north to Berkley. In addition  Castle in the Air is a fun store full of crafting possibilities. Unfortunately we pulled up 5 mins before they closed so I know I missed a lot.

Now for our piece of heaven-  it's not too late to sign up for Medeah's mixed media class tonight or Donna's Copic marker class on Saturday. Simply call the store to register.

After going to these gems I 'm feeling the need to step it up a bit at Paper Crown, let's see what I can come up with- maybe we need a bird : )


  1. Wow...How fun! It does look so magical. Thanks for sharing all the eye candy.

  2. cindy, looks like you had a very fun trip...can't wait to hear about it! glad you got away. i'm hoping to get by the store on saturday, hope you are there. i am missing me some paper crown. franc

  3. Cindy, paper crown makes me say "wow" and it smells good.

    So there!