Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Surprise Each Day This Week!

We have been cooking up all kinds of surprises for this year and especially the upcoming months. I realized yesterday that we have so many treats in store that I could highlight one each weekday this week. SO for our first surprise of the week....

In honor of Valentine's Day, a girl's favorite holiday, we will be hosting a Valentine's paper doll swap. You can make a Valentine's paper doll of your own design or we will have the stamped heads from a Character Construction (clue for upcoming surprise) doll you can pick up at the store and decorate. All we ask is you decorate your doll for February 14th. 

To make this a little more exciting, we will give a $50.00 Paper Crown gift certificate to our most festive paper doll. What a sweet Valentine's treat!

I know we have many blog followers from out of town so we thought this might be a way to include you in the fun. The doll can be easily put in an envelope and mailed to the store. We would love to see the creativity from ALL of our followers and not just those in town. If one of our out of town followers wins, you can use your gift certificate to shop from the blog until the website store is open (hint #2).

Stamped doll forms can be picked up at the store today and we will need your completed doll at the store by Friday, February 10th so that any dolls that need to mailed can be at the post office first thing Monday morning the 13th.

I think is will be a fun way to get our creativity flowing and you just have to do one doll- it's a piece of cake!

We are hoping for a big turnout so pls leave a comment if this sounds like fun!

Tomorrows surprise will be tres fantastique! (hint hint) 


  1. What a fantastic idea! This sounds like fun!

  2. Oh how fun! I'm coming over to OKC on Thursday so I'll stop in and check out what is new. Can't wait!

  3. Sound like fun! I'm in. Surely I can do 1.