Monday, January 23, 2012

A Boy's Life

Em does not look thrilled does he? I have been taking the kids to Waco and more specifically, the "bear pit" at Baylor since they were babies. They used to love it now... not so much. I took the boy's and my favorite adopted boy down to Baylor for a boy's weekend- two basketball games, cheeseburgers and shakes and lots of rough housing. Why must they always take something from the other which results in a wrestling match? It was fun- just wish one of the games had had a different outcome.

After my testastrone filled weekend it seemed appropriate that " A Boy's Life" from Echo Park arrived while I was gone. We are always looking for good boy paper and this one hits the spot.  

This Week's Classes

I Carry Your Heart
Thurs., Jan. 26th


Valentine's Cone
Sat., Jan 28th
Ann- Denise

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