Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It was a Dusty Weekend

When the kiddos were little I started a tradition of chalking the sidewalk on special occasions. I think it was all those late night trips taking the kids chalking. I decided why should they have ALL the fun.

When we got home from church on Sunday afternoon I was greeted by this....

Some art work from two of my favorite little artists- Mr. Beau and my favorite red head (and I'm not much of a fan but I adore this one! )

This is why I get so frustrated with this blog. I have been trying for 20 mins to turn this pic around and it is just not cooperating. Any way I suspect this artists, Lucy and Beau, came by after church to wish me a happy Mother's Day- thoughtful kiddos and a very thoughtful mom- thanks Julie!

I never get chalked so I was tinkled pink. However I came home later that day from lacrosse practice, Em not me, and this was waiting for me... 

Wait a minute, Em was with me, Katie was on her way home from Ft. Worth and it wasn't Austin. That leaves Payne, my 17 yr old son who likes his mom but he is a 17 yr old boy need i say more?  Did he really do that?!  He did and it was the best present ever. Thanks bud you made your mom's year- and I hope it never rains or at least on my crumbling driveway!

But the chalking wasn't quite done because Sunday also happened to be Katie's 20th b-day so it was my turn.

So 20- actually 21 candles lined the sidewalk (I was still in shock over Payne's creation and I couldn't count) with Katie's b-day greeting.

The b-day girl with her red velvet cake courtesy of the Pioneer Woman- it was easy and oh so yummy!

Katie left this am at 3:45 for a mission trip to Guatemala. I hope she doesn't try to smuggle a baby back from the orphanage but I wouldn't be surprised.  It was a good weekend and thanks to All those wise people who told me things would turn around- just be patient- you were right,  all of you especially prince charming- I know you love to hear those 3 words!

I'm in the middle of flipping the store so come see what is new- 4 lines of Webster's Pages, October Afternoon be here this week along with new Prima and French General! Life is Good and hopefully it won't rain and wash away my sidewalks for a long time! 


  1. Our children never cease to amaze their parents at the right time! I love your chalk tradition! I may need to try it sometime!

    And Happy Birthday to sweet Katie............praying for her trip to Guatemala!

  2. So sweet, Cindy. Thx for sharing. It's the little things that mean the most to our kids, I think.