Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Tradition

Since I'm asking everyone to leave their favorite holiday tradion for the Paper Crown giveaway, I thought it was only fair that I leave one of my own. This is not an old tradition but a brand new one we started this year- thanks to pinterest.

I kept seeing all these funny elf on a shelf postings and was sad that I missed out on all the fun. I remember the elf from my childhood. Mom had a ton of them and we would put them out at Christmas. I think she told me they were a promotional item on laundry detergent  or something like that in the 60's- yes, I'm old. Anyway now the elf has a resurgence of popularity but this time he moves around the house each day and it's kinda a game to find him and see what he has been doing.

It is probably more for elementary aged kiddos but I have to admit the boys, soon to be in college and high school, are getting a kick out of it. I send Katie a picture every am and she too is enjoying it. We decided it would be a fun thing for her to do once she has her own classroom.  

Here is what our elf has been up to this week, i just hope that mischievous little guy never shows up at the store.

Payne's response was " Really Mom!" He better be careful that elf may get him

He got all of our family pictures in the staircase. That little cutie in the leaves is Em


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