Saturday, August 3, 2013

Flower Power

Tuesday night, my crafting fairy godmother granted me a wish. Linda finally caved to my persistent whining, and agreed to teach a class at Paper Crown. I know everyone there would agree she did a fantastic job ( she definitely fits in as a Paper Crown teacher), we had a great time and all walked away with some beautiful flowers. 

The flowers started out as dyed and ironed coffee filters. Linda did all the ironing- ugh and a beautiful job with the colors. Then with some instruction from Linda, and a little folding, cutting taping and twisting....

We ended up with these beauties!

Great job girls and thank you again Linda. We would love to have you in the classroom again!
 Yes it is starting already! 
Have a great weekend C

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  1. You go, Miss Linda! I see two familiar faces there :)