Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Can't Believe He Beat Us!

I won't deny it. I would love for the store, a Paper Crown teacher, class or event to be featured in a Somerset publication. Considering what we sell, what we love and what we teach, it would pretty sweet. So I guess the latest edition of Sew Somerset has myself, Jackie and Bobbie laughing and saying " are you kidding! "

None of us made Somerset but Austin, my W TX good ol boy did! And he is so enjoying rubbing it in, once he figured out what he actually  was in- such a colossal waste.

The newest shipment of Somerset magazines arrived Friday and in it was the newest Sew Somerset with a lovely feature on Colette and her beautiful kites which were inspired by some she had seen at Glitter Market.   Colette was so very sweet to acknowledge her inspiration, Paper Crown and the creator of all of those frames, Austin.

So actually the store was mentioned and it's probably a good thing Austin got first mention- I probably would have, as my mom said, "acted a fool." Thank you Colette for the mention, you are the best! As you can imagine, the guys at Austin's office got a kick out of it : )

For all of you Duck Dynasty fans!

This weekend in addition to Austin's artistic premiere, Katie graduated from Baylor. We are so very proud of her and can't wait to see what is in store for the next chapter of her life. It's off to Frisco and her first classroom of second graders. We were looking at room ideas last night, so much fun!

Mom and Austin are a little sore. Who would have thought two girls could  acquire so much over 4 years. And to think we thought a trailer would be fine!

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