Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summer Special- round 2, a birdie contest

Miss Girdie Needs a Birdie!
As most of you know, Girdie is Paper Crown's creative mascot and she resides in our front window beckoning all artistic souls to our creative haven. Every couple of months Jackie does her magic and Girdie takes on a whole new appearance. One of my favorites was the " birdie Girdie" created for our first Glitter Retreat. I just couldn't do a costume change quite yet so I decided for most of the summer, we are going to embellish Girdie and have a fun contest at the same time.  
So from now until Sat., Aug. 9th help us create a flock of welcoming chirpers to hang around Girdie. Remember a couple of summer's ago when the window was framed in postcards- that is the look we are going for. For this summer contest, we are asking you to create a bird that can be hung in the window. On the day you turn in your bird you will get 15% off your total purchase and on the final day of the contest, we will select a queen bird who will win a $50 gift certificate to Paper Crown!
Ladies get those creative juices going and lets surround Girdie with the most stunning flock.
For those Paper Crown  followers from out of town, this contest is perfect for you. Just put your birdie in an envelope and send to:
Miss Girdie
Paper Crown 
9303 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Let the contest begin and the feathers fly!
Tomorrow will be Summer Treat - round 3.
The perfect treat for the hot month of July. A hint- old friend, way more than you expect, a breeze from the north, instagram, trip to the beach and a good story. 
Jackie wanted me to let you know that she is having computer issues- UGH!
 Please bear with her as they get it fixed and Good Grief Girdie will be back as soon as possible.

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