Thursday, October 9, 2014

Paper Crown Fall Glitter Retreat- part IV- the swaps

Each day of the retreat we had a swap and after seeing what these ladies created, I'm wondering if they should have been teaching. They were ALL out of this world and so over the top. Beautiful works of art whether it was a purse, mask or ATC card. My only regret, and it is a big one, is that I did not get pictures of each and every one of them. Actually I don't even have any of the ATC cards. It was right before my class and I was hustling to get everything ready. I apologize girls; they were amazing!

First swap was a purse swap compliments of Thelma. I love her "go getter" attitude. She is thousands of miles away and has only met one of us Okies, but a fabulous one, and volunteers to head up a swap. She tweaked my somewhat lame idea into a fun swap that was a huge hit. Thelma had the girls fill out a list of preferences and then assigned that list to a partner who created a purse based on their likes. They were amazing; truly each one was a work of art.

They even surprised me with a purse made by the group. Such a very special and meaningful gift.

Since our theme for the retreat was "create magic," I decided to have everyone create a masquerade mask for our Friday swap.


The last swap was a " magic themed" ATC card. Unfortunately there are no pictures ; (  But believe me they were also fabulous! Thank you everyone who participated in the swaps. We love seeing all your talent on display!


  1. Wish I were there!!!!!
    CINDY!!!!!!! LV!!!!!

  2. Looks like another awesome Paper Crown event! Sorry I missed it.

    Happy Birthday, Cindy! Hope you're having a wonderful, if damp, day!