Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Glitter Retreat- the event (part I)

Why is it on the days that I really need to get on the computer, especially the internet, it goes down for the count! That is exactly what happened to the store computer today. So although this post is a little delayed, it is by no means reflective of how I thought the weekend went. It was another amazing, creative  weekend and I can't wait to share it with you- despite my #$#&^%$#*^%$*^%#% computer.

At these events I'm usually the one running around like a crazy person and because of that, I did not take one picture so thank you Jackie and Bobbie for allowing me to use your pictures. They are great pictures and definitely worth a second look. It's great to have friends who have your back!

I thought I would divide the retreat  into a couple of different posts this week and I will begin with the " event." First and foremost, this could not have happened without my three partners in crime- Jackie, Bobbie and Medeah. Not only are you talented beyond measure but hard workers, team players and  giving. Whether it was stringing stars, decorating masks or creating a program, you all stepped in and made this event happen. It wouldn't happen without you- Thank you!

A huge thanks to Jill and her family- mother in law Rosa and sweet hubby John who came to the rescue when we had a change in plans. The store was in capable hands last week while I scurried. A huge thanks to Amy who came in on Saturday following a tough week. You checked everyone out with ease and made the last day go off without a hitch.

I'm sure I will think of more but for now, it's off to the event.

We started the retreat with a tailgate on Thursday evening. It had been 90 the day before but the winds shifted and we had a cool evening- perfect for a gathering on our " porch. "  We meet some new friends- Marlene and Thelma from Canada- and got to catch up with some old dear friends.

Randy, Bobbie's husband, even agreed to play a little for us. I know you missed rest of the band but we loved having you play - Thank you Randy!

We started early Friday morning with breakfast and then began our classes with Bobbie's All Hallow's Eve Hat. The girls made not one but two projects with Bobbie and then it was off to lunch at Packard's and a fieldtrip to Verdigris. 


Kim and her sister create the most amazing displays
 Then back to Paper Crown for Jackie's adorable doll class and dinner in the Paper Attic.
 We will stop here for the night- actually because I have to borrow more pictures from Jackie's blog : )  But you can see we had a great time and there was lots of girl glitter bonding. As much fun as decorating, creating, and eating, I think my favorite part about the retreat is when I overhear ladies making arrangements for lunch or inviting someone new to class. It's great to know that the retreat helped in some small way to build friendships. To borrow Becky's phrase, I love that it is their "happy place."

Queen of the "happy place" Girdie!

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