Monday, April 27, 2015

What an Amazing Weekend

I'm a little blue today after all the fun, festivities, food and friends from this weekend are gone. The dark skies and buckets of rain don't help either. I have a tradition of going up to the Paper Attic the Monday after the retreat with my coffee and just reflecting on the retreat until they come to pick up the tables.

I think this might have possibly been my favorite retreat. Everything went smoothly, we had an amazing group of talented ladies, the best teachers ever- I think everyone went home with finished projects, the tastiest meals thanks to Valerie Roach- no waiting for me to get there with hot food, and our decorating transitions went smoothly. It was just a fun, fun event!

Here are some of my favorite pic of the event. Actually they are pics I have stolen from Jackie, Becky, Nan- my can't download my photos today, the computer doesn't like the rain.  

A whole lot of thank yous are in order. First thank you to all our participants. I know the retreat isn't cheap and I thank you for trusting us with money and time. We want to make sure you feel you got your money's worth and it was an " event". Teachers have heard how nice our students are and suddenly everyone wants to come to Oklahoma.

 Thank you especially to those from out of town- boy you really took a leap of faith and hopefully you feel you landed in the softest of feather beds. We had 5 ladies from out of state and two that are repeat artists. The fact that you would travel here for a second time is the highest compliment- thank you! To our new friends, Jeanette, Sharon and Michelle, we hope you feel like family and we can't wait to welcome you home again.

This whole event wouldn't be possible without my amazing teachers and friends. Jackie, Medeah, Angie and Lesa, you all as always went far beyond the call of duty. You all make me and the store look so good but I know where the magic really comes from - you! Your endless creativity continually amazes me and I am so very blessed you each walked through the door of my little paper store. Thank you from the bottom of my heart- you helped make a dream come to life. Angie and Lesa you both were newbies to the retreat but seemed like old pros. We are so glad to have you both and look forward to many more adventures.

Amy, you are simply the best. No one is more efficient at the cash register or handling the day to day operations of the store. You have brought some sanity back to my life thank you friend!

Thank you Valerie Roach for feeding us the tastiest meals and taking that job from me. It was a huge help and I wish you could have heard the ladies rave about your cooking.

Finally thank you to your families. Whether you were teaching, helping, attending or cooking I know your families had to make some sacrifices and I appreciate it. It takes a village to pull off this event and not just any village.

My favorite pictures form this weekend are these, My friends old and new , just having a wonderful time. I love your smiles!



Thank you all for an amazing Retreat!


  1. Agree 100%! I also felt a little blue today, Cindy. But I went into my room and looked at all of my finished art pieces, and unpacked all the wonderful gifts--My mood improved immediately. You (with your wonderful posse) do such a wonderful job--the weekend is so worth every penny we participants spend! Thank you seems like such a small thing to say--but it is heartfelt and sincere--thank you, Cindy! And Happy Anniversary tomorrow!

  2. It was an amazing weekend! Everything was perfect, from the classes and the shopping to the friends and the food, the decor, the goodies and all the laughter. Thanks to YOU, Cindy, for such a great job bringing everything and everyone together!