Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Glitter Corral 2017

I have been playing catch up the last couple of days. Still reliving this past weekend in my head and wishing it hadn't passed so very quickly. It was a fun and creative weekend for our family- and I mean that word in the truest sense.

I have a post I have been needing to do since Saturday night but still don't quite have it whittled down to a cohesive message. At the moment it is more like a jumbled up mess of teary sentiments. It is truly my most important Glitter Retreat post so stay tuned.

Each year I could kick myself for not taking more pictures. I did better this year but it is still no where near what I had hoped. Guess that is why we have the amazing Miss Jackie. She can do it all -
take pictures, teach class, bake cookies all at the same time. Just in case you are new to Paper Crown, you can follow Jackie's day by day recap of Glitter Corral There are several posts but this is the first.

Here are a few of the favorites I took last weekend, as I said,  not a comprehensive recap but some fun highlights. Enjoy Glitter Gals; you are loved!

We switched things up a little this year and started off the retreat with a field trip to Pawhuska to visit the Pioneer Woman's Mercantile. No celebrity sightings possibly because she was on the cover of People last week. We had a great time shopping and eating and eating!

Fun "vintage postcard " style coloring card by Angie. Be on the lookout for a fun twist at Glitter Market



Beautiful stitched journal made by our own Peggy!

Someone can not be trusted to shop on Ebay- but all of these ribbons sure did add some color to our decorations.

A great class with the talented Terri Brush. We were so glad she was able to join us! We love you Terri 






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