Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Should Count on My Fingers

My Spring Glitter Market countdown got off. And I'm pretty sure I counted on fingers- gez guess  my mind is going in too many directions that is always when I make mistakes. So anyway we will pretend like it is still Saturday and since it's the weekend (and who doesn't love a weekend ) we'll cover day 8 and 7. 

Day 8 Ms. Donna Layton

We are so very glad to have Donna back at Paper Crown. She is an accomplished artist and such a very nice person. We have missed her and are so glad she will be joining us at Glitter Market. Donna has been painting a lot this past year and this is one of her new pieces inspired by her love of vintage wallpaper. In addition to her paintings Donna is bringing some beautiful fabric brooches and  her amazing stash of the best crafting supplies ever! Donna's blog is Under the Red Roof  if you want to look at more of Donna's work or her treasures. I also think Donna will be bringing a class sample- Yipee we can not wait.   

Day 7 picture is not cooperating- at all  I so wanted it to work because 7 was going to be Martha Green and she told Franc one day that she frequently works until the wee hours of the morning and since it's a wee hour now, I thought how appropriate. My computer isn't cooperating so we will have to consult an expert at a reasonable hour. Nevertheless you are going to love Martha's quilts they are truly pieces of art!

Now we are kinda back on track, I may need to go back to Ms. Sinclair's kindergarten class. Don't want to leave without wishing our dear Franc a Happy Happy Birthday Weekend- us Paper Crown girls believe in spreading out a good thing!

nite nite  and I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Easter

p.s. Franc did you do it?


  1. You were up late last night or should I say this morning at 2:55. Great Job Cindy! I can't believe we are only days til the big day!

  2. hi CiNdY! thanks for the birthday message and YES, i did iT...! can't wait to show you. for those of you who don't know what "it" of my long~time desires was to get a tattoo...crazy, but so true. so, i turned 60 on saturday and, yeah, i did it! girls, bring lots of $$$ to our glitter market, you're gonna want it all! franc