Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Two Buckle My Shoe- cause I gotta get to Paper Crown

I can hardy wait- a royal wedding and Glitter Market, it's a crafty girls dream come true. I have specifically left a little creating to for this am, it seems like the perfect duo. Speaking of duos, today's sneak peek is one of my very favorite duos- Jill and Susan.

Susan & Jill at the fall Glitter Market- They truly are the cutest things!
They are just plan fun and I love it when they take a class because I know there will be laughter and Jill almost always brings me a treat. Jill and Susan are whipping up the most incredible yummies for Glitter Market. I'm not sure what they are bringing but to be honest I don't care because I guarantee you it will be out of this world. Cookies, candy, bread, brownies it simply doesn't matter because it will be amazing. You will want to hit this table 1st before the favorites disappear!

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