Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just pics

It has been too long. This week has been too scattered, it hasn't even been that hectic I just haven't gotten much done. A week of spinning my wheels. I will try to be better next week, I think the key word is try. A lot is flying around in my head and world lately. However, opening boxes is always a treat and these all arrived yesterday:  

Three new lines from Kaiserkraft- cute vintage school, vintage kitchen and a very bright spring line- it's the closest thing to Easter this year- no bunnies but jelly beans. Hopefully the designers won't forget Easter next year.

7 Gypsies came out with 4 kraft tissue papers. This one is my favorite!

Great collage papers from 7 Gypsies- just wish the line was larger! Aren't those bottles the cutest-4 per package in various sizes and they come in clear and amber glass.

Last goodie to arrive yesterdayay-
 Playground collection from Echo Park

I throw those wanka jog pictures in every once in a while to keep you on your toes!

Still a few lonely ATC cards available- turn in date Wed., April 13th  and pick up date Saturday, April 16th.
The sky is the limit, we just ask that you decorate them for Easter.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this fabulous weather!


  1. The amber jars are perfect for making vanilla.

  2. I am working on my ATC cards! Very fun, I am getting excited to see all the amazing creations!