Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Only 4 Short Days!

I can hardly believe it is only 4 short days until Paper Crown's Spring Glitter Market. So very much to do and so very little time. Easy for me to say, I'm not vending. Here is a sneak peek at today's vendor-

The Very Talented and Even More Humble
Miss Linda Land

I have known Linda for almost 13 years. She was also a very talented Nichols Hills Elementary mom. How in a school full of incredibly talented artistic moms did I happen to hook up with the one really bad apple- I will always wonder but anyway... Linda created the most wonderful play sets with her good buddy Cherry and then I discovered her amazing art work - Wow! Over the years I have been lucky enough to get a few pieces and I love each one. Linda has a studio in Paseo and for years did the magical displays at Cloverleaf. 
More of Linda's work can be seen on her blog, lindalandsflutter@blogspot.com
Linda will be sharing a booth with her good friend Brenda Little and I know it will be a sparkling, fantastical and very crowded table! 

We really have such amazing items for Glitter Market, I just hope we aren't sold out by noon. Theme for Glitter Market- You snooze you will lose!   

While you all are waiting for Saturday to arrive here are a few goodies that arrived yesterday. While the market will be crowded, if it is anything like last fall, the store will also be packed- and I personally hope so.
I have a feeling the same theme will apply at Paper Crown- You snooze you will lose!

New My Mind's Eye- Lime Twist
Fun papers and each line has several coordinating twines in new colors- these will fly out the door!
Lime Twist has 2 cute boy lines. Thank Goodness, you know those can be very rare.

New Anna Griffin albums, magnetic boards, notepads and frames
 make the perfect Graduation and Mother's Day gifts

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  1. I can't believe that I won't be there! It's my younger daughter's prom, so we will be very busy all day here in Atlanta!!! I will miss all of you. Have fun! Maria

    P.S. Cindy, did you happen to find that salad recipe?