Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Across the Finish Line

In the spirit of the Olympics, the first 2012 Summer CHA vendor to cross the finish line is.....
Authentique! Yesterday we received 4 Authentique lines-  Lively- pink chartreuse and summery, Curiosity- school year, Enchanted- spooky Halloween and a Christmas line, which will not see the light of day at Paper Crown until September- Christmas should not be allowed out in any store until the temperature is below 100.

Tons of new stuff is on it's way but what will arrive next is any one's guess. The shopping will be fantastic in the next few weeks!

We got a little side tracked on our kits but here is today's

 Travel Journal kit 10
Circa 2006 or 2007

This one is an oldie but goodie. I have searched the store and can not find the sample but I know it was a hard cover ring book with envelope pages. All the goodies are here to create your own travel book. This will be a great time to draw on your own creativity. We have 3 kits available. First three to call are the lucky winners.   

More mail for Girdie. This time from one of my favorite places- Santa Fe. Becky was in Santa Fe and Durango, wish she could have brought home their weather. She even shopped at one of my favorite stores- Doodlet's which is across from my favorite restaurant- Pasquel's. It's where I had my first latte- it has been a very long love affair ever since!  

Try and stay cool- I think the high today is 109-or is it 111!  

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