Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Painting With the Masters

Last week was Kid's Camp at Paper Crown. In the past we have had a lesson entitled "Painting with the Masters" where we study the styles of a couple great artists and then create using their technique. After last week I decided that every Kid's Camp is painting with the masters, and these talented kiddos are the masters!

I'm always blown away by their creations and so inspired after I see what they have created. Last week we had three main projects- a shared floral, a glitzed up Kandinsky and my new favorite, batik fish kites.

The kiddos took a piece of muslin and some glue and traced a fish pattern. Then they filled it in with acrylic paint...
a vigorous washing and a tiny bit of sewing and voila....

  A beautiful Japanese fish kite.

A standard at Kid's Camp because I have never had one that has not been fabulous- floral painting.
I try to vary it a little each summer and this year we did a cooperative painting. Each student painted their canvas black. They then came up with two "signature flowers" that were unique to them. They painted those two flowers on their canvas and then everyone passed their canvas to the right and painted on their neighbor's canvas.

Then painted the vases, added leaves and some greenery, and a background color if desired. Since it's Paper Crown we did have to add a touch of glitter and they were complete. The results were stunning; I could not have been more pleased.

Our third project was another favorite but with a twist. We have done Kandinsky's circles in the past and it also always turns out beautiful but it is a lot of coloring with pastels so this year we cut it down to just three circles. The girls drew their circle pattern, painted it with acrylics and then some added the special Paper Crown touch- glitter. Some did a little and some did absolutely everything (circles, frame, themselves, me, the store) but they were all gorgeous!

Here are some of our happy campers with their art...

We had 10 campers and it was a blast- we still have some lingering glitter to prove it! Thanks girls you each did a fantastic job and as usual, I know I learned more from you than you did me!

If you weren't able to make this session, we have one more session of Kid's Camp in August on the 6-9 from either 9:30-12:30 or 2-5. Simply call the store at 848-2389 to register.  

Adult Floral Class
Thurs., Aug 16th

Sad that you aren't a kiddo and couldn't come to kid's camp? We will be doing an adult floral class on Aug. 16th from 5:30-8:30. It will be done just like the kids so there is no excuse- YOU CAN paint- I promise. Ladies don't be stood up by an 8 year old. It will be fun and you can even bring a glass of wine if that will help you get over the painting jitters.  Call the store to register, 848-2389.

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  1. Wow-KIDS did those paintings?! The Kandinsky's are so cool!

    The kites look so cool- those would make great outdoor party decorations...