Monday, July 30, 2012

Mini Me

Here is Girdie with visions of exotic travel dancing above her head.
And here are  her " mini me's" that were created by this talented group of girls on Saturday.

These four ladies had a great time Saturday in Ann-Denise's Girdie workshop. Each mannequin was so very unique.

This beauty was created by Lisa

This pink girly by Lucy, who had never sewn before Saturday- great job Lucy!

These were created by mother daughter duo- Beth & Laura Beth.
They had some help from this little cutey

A little birdy told me Ann-Deise has a birthday on Wednesday!
 Happy, Happy  Birthday Ann-Denise!

Here are a few postcards Miss Girdie received last week...

Renee sent greetings from San Juan Islands in Washington

More wishes from Jill who was at my favorite beach, Destin; Michelle who was visiting Michigan and an old friend of Jackie's, Marilyn, from their home town of San Luis Obispo, CA.

Don't forget to send Miss Girdie a postcard of your summer travels. We have about a month left before we draw for a Paper Crown gift certificate.

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