Wednesday, September 11, 2013

And the Winner is....

Miss Medeah!!

While Debby Schuh was here last weekend I had her select a winner for our Paper Crown crown contest. After quite some time studying each of the fabulous entries and telling me there was no way she could select just one winner, Debby selected Medeah's beautiful crown. I think what gave Medeah the edge was all her many handmade elements including the birds, feathers and flowers- not to mention Medeah arrived at Saturday's class bleary eyed and covered in glitter. She took a jar of glitter for the team. Medeah won a $100 gift cert. to Paper Crown- congrats Medeah, it is stunning.

If you didn't win, don't despair, there is still a chance to win a $75 Paper Crown gift certificate. Thanks to Peggy's great idea, we will be having a "shopper's choice" winner between the other participants. Shoppers will have until Friday, September 27th to vote on their favorite crown and the winner will receive a $75 Paper Crown gift certificate.

If you don't live close enough to the store we are so sorry, you are missing out on some serious eye candy, but you can leave a comment and vote also. This will be fun way to include both our local and on line followers.

The Entries are stunning, ladies you way outdid yourselves....

Crown 1
Crown 2
Crown 3
Crown 4
Crown 5
Crown 6
Good Luck ladies they are all out of this world!
Let the voting begin!


  1. Thank you Cindy and Debby! I do not know how she chose. They are all absolutely beautiful. I have never had to take a shower to remove all of the glitter until this crown. It was seriously so much fun! I have found a new favorite thing. Love you Cindy and your store.

  2. They are all so awesome! There is an element in each one that I love! So gut feeling is Number two, Orange butterflies. It just makes me happy.

  3. Thanks Franc and Marsha! I have cast your votes. Lets hope you two got the ball rolling. C

  4. Congrats to Medeah! That crown is gorgeous. I love them all, but I'm going to cast my vote for No. 5. It just makes me happy!

  5. I vote for Crown #1, as it is truly stunning!!! However, they are all stunning, actually!!!

  6. Crown #4, it's so bright and cheery!