Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Burst of Color

Quick post because there is so much to do- and unpack- but a burst of color is just what I have been unpacking today. Love getting this box of ribbon, not only is the inside beautiful but the outside is always wrapped in a brown paper sack, just like my grandmothers used to do. I love it so much more then those standard boxes with a computer label.

Another box of color. I love these light colorful bracelets. we have a good selection of Fall, OU, OSU and Thunder colors- also some green for McGuiness and Baylor. I know, I know but it's my store so I can indulge my favorites every once in a while. we also got in the cutest earring to match these bracelets, not sure why I didn't take a picture.

Lots more boxes to tackle- by this weekend the back will be full again.

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