Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Glitter Market Sneak Peek- Linda Land & Brenda Little

I'm so very happy to announce that this, more artistic talent than any two people should ever posses, duo will be with us at Glitter Market Saturday. Honestly these two have enough talent for a couple of dozen people. Brenda and Linda have been with us before at Glitter Market but Brenda moved down to muggy Houston for a couple of years. Brenda has moved back home and we are so very glad she will be joining us.

I'm not sure what Brenda has up her sleeve but I am intrigued and know beyond a doubt, I will love it!

Linda is bringing a beautiful zinnia series. These are perfect for our spring Glitter Market. I think I might need to add it to my Linda Land gallery on my staircase.

These two talented ladies are so fun to have at Glitter Market. You will not want to miss their table.

P.S. Lisa N can you ask Linda to teach another class. I think you are the one that broke her last Glitter Market and her class was so very fun!

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