Thursday, April 10, 2014

Retreat Menu

I've had some requests for some of our sources and recipes at the Retreat. We wanted to make sure that not only the projects were out of this world, decorations were festive but the food was yummy- it takes a lot of energy to create for two days!

The savory pies and key lime pie from Friday am and Friday evening were from a fun new café- Pie Junkies, . Pie Junkies is on 16th Street in the Plaza District. So very many yummy pie that I couldn't choose, therefore I just got Key Lime which was wonderful.  The quiche was also great- I have had leftovers several times this week.

Friday nights Green Chile chicken enchiladas were from another favorite, Prairie Gypsies, . Prairie Gypsies is located in Paseo District and they have casseroles to go or smaller single portion meals. In the winter they have great soup and I'll swing by and get some on the nights it is just me. Don't forget dessert, it is always great!

Now on to some Jackie Goodies-

Raspberry Mousse Salad
1 large raspberry jello
1cup boiling cranberry juice
Dissolve jello in the boiling juice and let set until thicken
1 can whole cranberry sauce
1 12oz. Cool Whip
Pour all of the above together and mix. I usually put into a 8x8 pyrex dish. Freeze over night. Cut into thick pieces. This salad will last in the freezer for several weeks if covered.
Dave's Asian Slaw
1/4 c butter
2- 3oz packages Oriental flavor ramen noodle soup, reserve the seasoning packet
1/2 c slivered almonds
1/4 c sesame seeds
1- 16 oz package of broccoli slaw
1/2 c green onions
1/2 c salad dressing
1/4 c apple cider vinegar
1/2 c sugar
2 tablespoons soy sauce
Preheat oven to 350.
Melt butter in microwave. crush ramen noodles into small pieces. Stir crushed noodles, almonds & sesame seeds in butter and toast on baking sheet. 8-10 mins. allow to cool completely.
Toss slaw and green onions in large bowl.
Whisk salad dressing, vinegar, sugar, soy sauce and reserve seasoning packets in separate bowl. Combine slaw, noodle mixture and dressing. Toss to coat.
Curried Chicken Salad  
serves 25 - I cut in half for retreat since I had Sonoma Chicken salad also- Whole Foods
12 c cooked chicken- I used one large package- 9 ish breasts
3- 5oz cans of sliced water chestnuts chopped again
2 lbs halved green grapes
1 1/2 c toasted slivered almonds
Combine the above in a large bowl.
3 c mayonnaise
2 teaspoons curry
1 teaspoon of salt
3 teaspoons of soy sauce
Combine dressing and add to chicken. Easy! Good excuse to buy croissants- yum yum

I must admit I added a heaping spoonful of sour cream to the dressing and probably more curry and
soy sauce than the recipe calls. I think I omitted the salt- I had regular soy. I use the recipe as a guide. This is one recipe I'm always adding a little more of this and that.
Orange Mini Muffins with Brown Sugar Glaze
The Pioneer Woman- did you know Jackie invited her to the retreat- no response-oh well, her loss!
2 sticks butter, softened
1 cup sugar
2 cups flour
2 whole eggs
1 cup buttermilk- don't have buttermilk just add 1 tablespoon vinegar to just under 1 cup of milk
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 whole oranges juiced and zested
1 cup brown sugar
Cream butter and sugar in mixing bowl. add eggs, beat well, add flour. Dissolve baking soda in buttermilk and add to rest of batter along with zest from both oranges. 
Grease and flour mini muffin pans- 3. Fill 2/3 full.  
Bake 375 for 12-17 minutes or until lightly browned.
In a separate bowl combine brown sugar and orange juice. mix well. Should have about 1/2 cup. Drizzle over warm muffins. 

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  1. It was all delicious! The only thing missing is where did all the tiny pastries come from that were full of crème Anglais and ganache? Gosh they were good!