Monday, April 7, 2014

Paper Crown Glittered Retreat Day 1

Thank goodness Medeah got our cameras confused or I would have very few pictures. Here are some from Friday....
After the yummiest quiche from Pie Junkies, the ladies started the day with a class taught by Jackie .

 It's blurry but the big reveal- we now have an event room in the attic.




Our swap on Friday was a matchbox swap lead by the sweet Lisa Stanton.
Friday at noon was the big reveal- we now have an attic event room!

Unfortunately this is where my pictures end for the day. After lunch the ladies went on a fieldtrip to the Rink antique mall  and then returned to Paper Crown for a dinner catered by Prairie Gypsies, Jackie and key lime pie from Pie Junkies. We totally redecorated the attic so it had a woodsy outdoor feel. Then it was off to Holly's vintage wallpaper frame. It was a full but fun day!



  1. Cindy, you made magic! What a glorious event. I am so bummed to have missed it. I'm retiring in June--no more missed fun days!

  2. Looks amazing-wish I still lived in Oklahoma to enjoy the Paper Crown magic!