Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Glitter Market

A huge thank you to all the talented vendors, who traveled near and far, and our loyal customers who got up very early on a chilly Saturday morning to support our local artists. I think we had the biggest variety of items this year: all so very unique and a little bit of something for everyone.

A few of our early birds who have continually been first in line year after year- we thank you for your support-
 Ya'll are the BEST!

We had 5 new vendors this year and it was exciting to have some fresh new items to our mix of goods. A special thank you to all the vendors that traveled from out of town to attend. Jone is think you get the prize for the furthest.

Adorable snowmen from Bobbie

Beautiful carvings from Kim Barnes

Queen of marbling and one of the nicest people around, Chris Mack

Terri always has the best estate sale treasures ( I love my book! )

I have always loved tiny things and Jone's booth was just mesmerizing. The detail was out of this world. Jone thank you again for making the long drive from Santa Fe. I hope our paths cross again just soon.

Cindy is was a pleasure to FINALLY meet you! Your paintings are whimsical wonderfulness!I look forward to many creative adventures with you. Maggie says sorry!
It was so fun to have Tessa here with her embroidery kits. I can't wait to start mine - I have two to do by March.
Angie you must have pulled some all nighters but it was sure worth it. Love your creative spirit! 
Charlotte it is always a joy and full of laughter to have you in the house. We wish you a speedy recovery so you can get back to what you love!  It may have only been 10 pieces but they were gorgeous!

Oh this green jacket....I'm still thinking! 

This fun mask is going to Katie's classroom for their Winter Party.

All I can say is you must never ever sleep. The amount of art created this year was amazing and it was all so detailed and perfect. Thank you for being a GM vendor every year. You have made GM what it is and we all thank you!

 A special thank you to Jenn. She will be driving up two weekends in a row. If you missed Jenn and her wonderful goodies last weekend, you are in luck. She will be here this weekend to teach two of her doll classes ( info in previous post) and if the week works out, she might bring some more goodies and maybe some of Cindy's ( keep your fingers crossed!)

Not only is Jenn a talented artist but also a great mom, her son Jake who is a senior was recognized as an AP Scholar with Distinction. Congrats to both of you- we all know there was much encouragement and training in that award.  
I think I missed few booths and I apologize. I always promise to take more pictures the next year but instead running around like a crazy girl on Saturday morning.
 I am in awe and inspired but all of your talent and am so very glad you joined us for a weekend of friends & art ( thanks Angie! ) Much love to you all!

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  1. Thank you Cindy for a wonderful weekend. As usual, you outdid yourself and the show was such a success. I anxiously await your arrival in TEXAS !!!