Friday, November 3, 2017

Paper Crown Glitter Market 101

Morning everyone! Just one short day til our annual Glitter Market. I am so glad so many of you will be joining us; many of you have been supporting us since the very beginning ( I think our 1st GM was in 2009! )  and I thank you! I thought I would just give a brief rundown for any of you new to Glitter Market and there are a couple of new items for you regulars.

Glitter Market is a one day event, tomorrow, Sat., Nov. 4th from 10-3. There were not any empty storefronts in the center this year so Glitter Market will be held at Paper Crown, 9303 N. Pennsylvania Ave. in Casady Square shopping center. Since we will be getting ready for your arrival, no one will be allowed in the store until 10. Typically we have a line that forms at some point. It has varied over the years, sometimes 7:30, sometimes 9 (I bet we can predict who will be at the top of the line : ) For all you early birds, I will have donuts and coffee, we appreciate your excitement and getting out of your warm bed- the least I can do is a yummy donut.

Although some vendors have credit card processing ability, I do not think all do, so it is best to bring cash. Some vendors will take a check but it is up to them so it would be best to play it safe. There is an ATM right across the street at the Bank of Oklahoma and I bet there are also machines at WalMart and 7-11.

Since the Market is at the store, we will be having half of the vendors downstairs in the classroom and the other half upstairs in the Paper Attic. If you have never been to a PC Retreat, this is your opportunity to see our little hidden gem. PLEASE, PLEASE make sure you visit both areas. We have amazing artists in both and I don't want you to miss out on any treasures. I realize this years Market might be a little "cozy" but I had to decide whether to have no Glitter Market or a " cozy" one. I think and I believe you will agree,  I made the right choice.

That being said, please be very careful going up and down the stairs, especially when we open. We have had way too many broken bones this year and do not want to add one more. Please remember those things you learned in kindergarten, no pushing, no shoving, no blocking, respect for your neighbors and their "stuff " and lots of patience and grace. I promise everyone is doing their best to get you checked out so you can go to the next table. There is a ton of wonderful goodies this year, plenty for everyone, I promise.

We will have a drawing this year for a $100 PC gift certificate and donated items from some of the vendors. You can enter your name on one yellow ticket at the front desk and to make sure you head upstairs, there will be a roll of blue tickets at the top of the steps, You can pull two on your way down ( please don't pull on your way up especially first thing in the am, it could cause a traffic jam). All the tickets will be put into a bowl at the front desk. We will call the winner on Monday.

This years vendors are:
Jackie Peters, Good Grief Girdie
Angie Myers, Art Adventure Girl
Bobbie Sanders, Finding Repurpose
Chris Mack, marbling queen
Terri Wilkerson, Junque Seeeker
Tammy Satiel, Twisted Sister & Magnolia Pearl
Teresa Young, Fox Hollow
Kim Barnes, gorgeous wood carvings
Tessa Ogden, Metz & Daughters
Jenn McGlon, Noodle & Lou
Cindy Mayfield, Yapping Cat Studio
Jone Hallmark, cuteness queen
Jamie Palerino, Designs by Jamie
Refreshments will be in the back hall so please enjoy!
I think that is it so please have a wonderful time, support these amazing artists, remember your p's & q's , please be patient and thank you, thank you for making Glitter Market a HUGE success, we are definitely going out with a bang! 


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  1. Everything is AMAZING!! Y’all have a wonderful time!!