Thursday, November 17, 2011

day 2 and counting....

It's almost here!!! Move in day is tomorrow and today was cleaning day. Let me say there is going to be plenty of room in the new location. It is very spacious and will be the perfect venue for Glitter Market. That being said, there is only so much cleaning one chickie can do in a night so if it isn't spotless, remember that you do have lots of elbow room :)

One of today's featured artists is Nicole Kohmescher. I have known Nicole for a year or so and she is the sweetest. Nicole has taught a variety of classes at Paper Crown and they have all been a hit. We are ready for cute little Wicky, not sure how they spell it, to start kindergarten so Nicole will have more time for classes. My word for Nicole is serene, believe me I wasn't that way when the boys were toddlers- she's never ruffled! I know you will love Nicole's treats and if they are anything like her classes, it will be a bang for your buck!

 Another of today's artists is Leslie Pace. She signed up for Glitter Market on Monday or Tuesday. I'm impressed at her initiative and the fact she can pull it all together so quickly. Gotta love a girl that can fly by the seat of her pants. Leslie repurposes vintage items into works of art. My word for Leslie is impressive; I know I couldn't have pulled it together that quickly.

Oops! Yesterday I missed this picture of all the wonderful crepe paper goodies Ann-Denise will be bringing. It just makes you smile!

Sweet Dreams Friends! You might need to catch up on some sleep tonight- I have a feeling some alarm clocks will be going off pretty early on Saturday!

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