Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advice From a Savy Business Woman

A few weeks ago I had a surprise visitor at the store. It was Mary Carol Garrity, owner of my favorite store in the whole world, Nell Hill's,  in Atchison and KC, KS.  I have blogged about her store before and it is truly amazing. Words can not describe how beautifully creative this store is. Everyone who loves Paper Crown Should put it on their list- you will be amazed! Anyway Mary Carol was in town for a speaking engagement at the Theta Flaming Festival and stopped by to check out the store she helped to inspire.

She was graciously complimentary and said she would never change the feel of Paper Crown but would like to make a small suggestion- there is hardly anything in the store over $10.00 and what about those that love the store's feel but just don't have the time? She suggested I carry some items that I already have in the store and am using for displays. That way I am not changing the store's integrity,  just making it a little more accessible to a wider customer base. So the mess in the back is a result of her advice.

20 boxes arrived on Monday full gift items including frames, Santos, pedestals and the prettiest dish towels, tablecloths and aprons. Now you can Christmas shop for both your artsy and non-artsy friends. As I get the boxes unpacked I will show you some of the goodies but for now....


In addition we also received a large shipment from October Afternoon ( Farmhouse and Holiday Style) ,  Prima (Printery, Londonberry & Romantique) and TADA, fun Christmas line.

It's like Christmas morning around here again!


  1. Oh my word! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! See you this afternoon!

  2. Love it Cindy....I want pictures of the Santos...I collect them!!!

  3. Wonderful ... Your on my list to visit on my next trip- I closed my LSS and probably loved her advice - we can't make it selling only $1 paper anymore- I got your link from the Papercrafters Corner-

  4. Didn't know this store was even in OKC till I saw on Facebook post from PaperCrafter's Corner will have to try and come by there next time I'm in the city.

  5. We go through Oklahoma City at least twice a year. I am putting this in my address book.