Tuesday, November 15, 2011

day 4 and counting....

When it rains it pours- literally! I walked into the store this morning to water on the floor and bulging from the tiles in the ceiling. Not a good thing for a paper store. Apparently the center is getting a new roof and the section over a portion of the store was not down last night- during the rain. The insulation acted like a giant sponge and then - drip drip drip SPLASH!

Not too much was ruined and I had two burly macho men assigned to clean up. They were amazed at the store, not in the same way you ladies are, and couldn't believe people actually bought that much paper and glitter. They were very helpful and did a great job cleaning up. I did smile as they left for lunch with rest of the guys- covered in pink and silver glitter. :)

One of our day 4 artists is Miss Jackie. This is the reason people line up to get in at 8:30 in the morning. Her work is beyond description. You all know how very talented she is and what an incredible collection of treats she will be bringing. There are so many words I would use for Jackie but my personal favorite is angel. She has been and continues to be my very own personal angel. Come be amazed - but while your jaw is dropping please please remember to use your manners while swarming her table- I don't want to come down and have to use my mom voice : )

 Our second day 4 artist is Robin Thomas. Robin is another of our multi-talented artists. In addition to the gorgeous scarves and wraps Robin is known for, she also makes these adorable dolls and Miss Annie is a wonderful tree topper. Robin is also bringing her jewelry and journals and who knows what else. I do know it will all be wonderful and I'm so glad Robin is joining us. My word for Robin is wit. I know it isn't a typical crafty word but anytime I am in the art world with Robin, her intelligent funny wit is what sticks with me. She makes me smile and laugh and I can't wait!

It's getting exciting isn't it- I got the key to Jamie's today and can't wait to go down and plan out the space!

A large shipment of Character Construction stamps arrived today. We finally have faces, legs, arms,and clothes- we were in BAD shape for a while! I also got in an assortment of Catherine's Christmas stamps so don't be sorry. I just wish Catherine would have delivered the stamps herself- I'm working on it though!

that's all for today- pray for clear skies tonight!

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  1. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments about me Cindy!

    Thank you also for all you do for Glitter Market.

    Oh and Jackie is everything. She really is...