Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's Time to Hop Off that Fence

I'm a procrastinator. I have always been and probably will always be one. I crammed the night before a test, bday party stuff is always done the night before and I have never been to bed on Christmas eve before 3. My mom was a procrastinator; growing up I remember hearing the sewing machine hum late into the night, especially before I needed a costume, dress, formal or even my wedding dress.

Usually it's an OK thing if you can handle the stress; however, when it comes to our traveling teachers- it's BAD- very Bad!

We have three teachers coming into town in the next few days to weeks. Heather is scheduled to come this weekend. She is the closest - about 3 hours but it's still a trek (I know, I made it this am) and she is pregnant- lots of restroom stops. KC is coming mid April from Colorado for a weekend of fun. Not sure the drive time but would guess 8-10ish, not a quick trip. Finally Colette is coming the first weekend in May all the way from Canada.

Needless to say there is a lot of traveling in the next month. I know there has been a lot of talk about all of these classes but also a lot of fence sitting. Nothing worse than having a teacher come in to Paper Crown for a mediocre turnout. So if you are interested in Heather, KC or Colette's classes please check your calendars and sign up. It will make planning much easier for us and you have a wonderful class to look forward to attending.

Here is a brief run down of these inspiring teacher's classes-  

Santos Doll
Fri., March 23rd 4-7 continuing Sat., March 24th 3-6
$90, Heather

Treasure Box
Sat., March 24th
$90, Heather

Crazy Quilt
Thurs., April 12th
KC, sign up at www. studioretreats.ngs

Collage Camp
Fri., April 13th
KC, sign up at studioretreats.ngs.

 Sat., April 14th
KC, sign up at studioretreats.ngs

Fri., May 4th 10-1
Sat., May 5th 10-1
Colette, $90

Paper Collage Bird
Fri., May 4th
Collette, $90

Sat., May 5th
Colette, $90
* new class just added today!

It's time to hop off the fence ladies. I know you will be interested in several classes so please check your calendars and call the store at 405 848-2389 to reserve your class seat. Thank you!

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