Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break Break

Paper Crown will be taking a little Spring Break Tuesday, March 20. We will be closed on Tuesday the 20th and back to business on Wed., March 21 at noon. Katie is competing in a contest at Baylor on Tuesday evening and she asked that mom be present. I realize those opportunities to watch her "shine" in school events are quickly coming to a close so I'm taking advantage of them. I apologize for any inconvenience.

It was a rainy start to Spring Break so what better than a painting day or two...

Sunday was Kid's Camp and we did one of my favorites. Each student created 3 signature flowers, painted those on their canvas and then passed their canvas to the right. It's a group painting but everyone gets to take one home. This group was 2nd - 6th graders.

A very happy camper! And a very talented one to boot.

We did the same thing today for a birthday party- just older girls. Their canvases turned out beautifully!

Enjoy this rainy evening- a great night for a good book. I'm trying to finish the Hunger Games before I see the movie. I love it when my kids recommend I book- I just love it when they read! See you Wed. - all the new goodies will be out

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  1. Those kids do such a good job! I am amazed at their work!

    Well done Cindy!