Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Miss Heather is Coming to Town!

She is even better than Santa Claus- much more creative and a weekend of girl fun!

Here is the skinny on the two WONDERFUL classes Heater Ales will be teaching next weekend at Paper Crown. I can not wait! As always, please call the store at 405 848-2389 to reserve your class seat.

Santos Doll
Fri., March  23rd 4-7pm and finish up Sat., March 24th 3-6pm

Santos dolls were created as early as in the 17th century. Join me as I share how to create your very own Santos in the 20th century! Together, we’ll spend two days carving, sculpting, painting, glittering, and staining as you create your very own personal and lovely 18" tall Santos doll. Please be sure to attend both days, otherwise your doll will not be completed.

All supplies will be provided except for the following list of basic supplies that each student will need to bring with them:

Exacto Knife & Cutting Mat


Apron (we are going to be getting messy!)


Hot Glue Gun & Extension Cord

Paint Brushes ( ½ ”, ¼”, and other small bristled brushes)

Mod Podge (Glossy or Matte, whichever you prefer)

I will have a variety of colors, but if you would like your Santos to have a specific skin tone or dress, please bring those paint colors with you.

Treasure Box
Sat., March 24th
Memories are made to be remembered and seen forever. This special soldered Treasure Box was designed to dimensionally display your special memories, whether they be of your sweet family, weddings, or graduations. In this 3 hour class, we will construct this glass box, solder its seams for posterity, create a hinged lid (so that you can change out your memory display whenever the mood strikes), solder on decorative feet and a piece of sparkle to the front. (I think this is my most favorite project yet!)

All supplies will be provided except for the following list that each student will need to bring with them:

Soldering Station (tile/work space, soldering iron, stand, lead-free solder, flux, flux brush, clamps, bent nosed hemostats, & sharpie)


Wet & Dry Adhesive


Paper Trimmer

Your favorite paper crafting “must-have’s”

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