Monday, January 28, 2013

Art with a Heart

Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with an amazing group of volunteers, an energetic group of sisters and the most cheerful and brave group of kiddos.

Miss Kay, a Paper Crown regular and volunteer extraordinaire at Children's Hospital, asked if I would help a patient create a piece of art for the Art for Heart auction put on by the volunteers and Tridelt to benefit Children's Hospital. You all know how I love kid's camp ( I can bluff those lil' bits much easier than adults) and many moons ago I was initiated as a Tri Delt so my response was heck yeah! It is definitely one of those times, like most of my time with kiddos, that I walk away knowing that there is no way they could have gotten near as much from that experience as I did.

Kay set me up with one of her favorite little nuggets, that's a "Katie Winterism" and she has been using it a lot referring to her 1st K class- it has kinda grown on me, Kameron. I knew if Kay loved her she had to be special and I was right. Kameron was the sweetest little bug and oh so fashionable in her Sunday best. She gets it from her mom who was the gentlest, most positive and hard working momma.

Kameron was excited to be able to walk down the red carpet in a tiara and cape so we decided a crown would be the perfect piece of art for us both. We did a little pasting, cutting, and glittering to create her masterpiece.

During our time together I learned that Miss Kameron is celebrating her 8th birthday this week so we had to break for a birthday song.

Earlier this fall I helped another equally adorable artist with her piece for the show.

So many kiddos, so many different illnesses but they all were just kids and wanted to play, be loved and just be a kiddo. These kiddos have a special spirit  that seem to make all of us on the outside look "sick" as they gently pull back the layers to reveal what is really important.

Sadly these aren't the only two kiddos I have known that have called the clinic at Children's Hospital, home. Our entire school was blessed several years ago by Fletcher. Fletcher was in Payne's grade and came to mean and teach his classmates so very much. Hell, Fletcher taught the parents, teachers, and principal. Two weekends ago I was cleaning out old yearbook pictures from elementary school and came across the pages we did on Fletcher. Those went in the box with the Winter family pictures. Tonight I watched a video assignment Payne had to do of his life and there was a picture of Fletcher. Such a very wise soul beyond his years and such a sphere of influence.

Art with a Heart auction is February 23rd and although I'm not positive, I bet they would love anyone to attend. I can't think of a better way to celebrate February, the month of love. I guarantee being around these kiddos will fill your heart and bless you beyond measure.

Kay, Arlene and all of the volunteers - you are my superhero, rock star and glitter princess all rolled in one. Some day I want to be you Miss Kay!

If you can't make the auction, I still have a few calendars the kiddos created at the store.