Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ask and You Shall Receive

Last Thursday at Jackie's 2013 Journal class we were all talking about the need for a good- not those cheap plastic ones- but a really good heavy duty pair of scallop scissors. Basically like your mom or grandmothers metal pinking shears but with a smooth scallop. Apparently Fiskars at one time made them  but the savvy little  man who owned the only die decided he would rather take the die to the grave with him than be low balled by the large company- shame on you Fiskars. Apparently they thought those little craft scallop scissors were enough.

The Fiskar rep happened to call the day after the class and confirmed they no longer make a heavy duty pair of scallop scissors- he did not confirm the " low ball" comment :) He did say they made a pair of heavy duty zig zag scissors and he would send me a free pair. I'm thinking zig zag is a synonym for pinking shears, which you can find anywhere but... we will wait and see. The zig zag scissors have yet to arrive- maybe they should call them chevron scissors- so hip.

Never fear Miss Heather Ales was here and came to our rescue. We now have a dozen pairs of shiny heavy duty scalloped scissors- Yipee! They are not cheap, $39.99, but should last your crafting lifetime. First come first serve- at least for round 1. Sorry no discounts apply- not much of a mark up.

I'm pretty sure these were not made in USA- maybe we need to get on that.

Thanks Super Heather!
It's that kind of calm before the paper storm. Lots of orders are in and we are just waiting to see who will be the first across the line. These Making Memories lines came out this fall but for some reason our order was never shipped so they will help carry us over til the boxes start coming.

Sarah Jane is a vintage type girl's and boy's line with fun colors. These illustrations look like something from my childhood- guess I'm officially "vintage." I love the paper dolls which were my favorite things to play with growing up.

The Modern Millinery line has vibrant colors and some fun millinery inspired embellishments. Makes me think of digging around the French hat factory this summer- minus all the dust.

Still have a couple of openings left in Ann-Denise's class on Sat. the 26th.

Jackie's Valentine Cone class is tomorrow for all you speed dialers. Class begins at 5:30.   

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