Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tuesday is Your Lucky Day

It is official, the Character Construction Timekeeper's Garden stamps will be ready for purchase first thing Tuesday morning the 29th. I ordered all 16 of the stamps in Catherine's new Timekeeper collection and a few of our old favorites.  This is such a charming collection and so very many options for paper dolls that I bet these will fly out the door.

We will open at 11 am on Tuesday, Payne has a Sports Assembly at 10. Sorry ladies, you will have to wait an hour longer than normal but I know it will be worth the wait!  

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks to Hallie, Lisa, Shelly, Nan and Ann-Denise for a wonderful
Saturday- wait til you see what they created and what Ann-Denise has in store for March! Thanks also to Mike, we are thrilled you are healthy - You are our favorite bookworm.

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