Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vintage Valentine Class

Brrrr.... boy did it get cold today. I even had a sheet of ice on my windshield when I left the store this afternoon. Hope you all have a project to snuggle up with for the rest of the weekend. I have too many projects and none involve glitter glue or paper. Maybe if I get busy I can take some time tomorrow to create- I brought home half the store on that slight chance ;)

Here is something to make you swoon....

Vintage Valentine
Always & Forever
  Sat., Feb. 19th
 Bobbie, $45.00
Bet I have a few messages on the store phone Monday morning.
Classes are filling quickly. I believe Jackie's Valentine Cone class is full and many of the others just have a spot or two left. Best not to procrastinate!
Hope you all have a warm, creative and peaceful weekend. C  

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