Tuesday, May 21, 2013

For Cheri, Alan and baby Grant

I thought we had "dodged a bullet" yesterday. The store was fine, my house and kiddos fine, I had checked on everyone I thought that lived in the area and they were fine. I was trying to decide what the store and our community could do to help. I had spent some time this morning responding to our Paper Crown friends from out of state who were checking on us. A little after noon I had actually just texted the words "We are all fine" to a sales rep who was checking on us when the call came.  We were not fine.

It was Cheri. I mistakenly thought baby Grant had come a few weeks early. With a quiver in her voice Cheri told me her farm house had been in the line of the tornado yesterday. Cheri was a school in Midwest city when it hit and is fine. Alan rode out the storm in their basement. Cheri, Alan and Grant are all fine; however, the house and farm not. They are currently staying close to the store with relatives and trying to find temporary housing. Cheri said she wasn't sure if they would stay and rebuild or move. She is just grateful Grant didn't come early and Alan was safe.

The cute nursery that was complete and waiting for Grant's arrival is destroyed. All the new baby equipment awaiting their first  child is gone. I am not sure what they have been able to recover but I don't think it is much.

I now know how Paper Crown can help. We will be collecting gift cards at the store for the Price's. Until they are able to assess what was lost and what can be recovered, I think this is the safest thing. I will be in touch with Cheri the next few days and am planning some sort of crafting benefit for their family. At the moment we are all in somewhat of a state of shock. Please keep Cheri and all those whose lives changed yesterday in your prayers.

For those of you that don't know, Cheri worked at Paper Crown for over 8 years. Cheri was actually here long before I bought the store. Cheri teaches 1st grade and worked on Saturdays and during the summer. If you ever came on Saturday, you more than likely have heard Cheri sing or laugh. She has a beautiful voice and a deep happy laugh- I miss them both. A little over a year ago Cheri got married and about a year ago she quit working at Paper Crown to hang out with Alan. At Glitter Market last fall Cheri told me she was expecting their first child. I miss her but understand her choice. Cheri always helps at Glitter Market and I saw her just a couple of weeks ago. She is part of our Paper Crown family.

Please keep Cheri and all those many families in your prayers. It is once again a devastating time for our city and state but as we have seen in the past, we are strong.


  1. I'm so very sorry to hear this. You and my OK friends have been on my mind, and in my prayers. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. xoxo

  2. Oh Cindy, I'm so sorry for Cheri. Thank God they are physically okay.
    I'll help however I can.

  3. So pleased I popped in and read the post..Heartfelt..Blessed to have visited the store a few times when she worked and enjoyed that laugh and singing you spoke of..Blessings to all!! xoxo