Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Headed to T Town

I happily announce the Paper Crown will close a little early this Friday, May 10th. The store will be closing an hour early at 4:00 pm because the Heritage Hall Chargers are playing that evening at University of Tulsa for the 5A State Championship in soccer- and I happen to know the team captain.

From here on out this post will have nothing to do with Paper Crown so if you aren't interested in a rambling mom's comments- and I don't blame you-  I suggest you click off and tune in tomorrow. 
My middle son Payne who is a senior has played soccer since his sophomore year. He was a pretty good little soccer player in elementary school but gave it up his 7th grade year to try football. He gave it a great shot but isn't built for that sport and decided to try soccer again. Those middle school years are when the club teams really step it up and Payne went in at a disadvantage. He kept at it on some average teams and even played on a rec team to try and improve his skills.  
This year Payne is the only senior on a team full of incredibly talented underclassmen- many freshmen & sophomores. Payne will readily admit he is not in the top tier of players. He started every game and ran what seems like a marathon but he is not a star. I asked him if that bugged him and he said not at all- and he meant it. What Payne may lack in athletic ability he has in his leadership skills. I have watched him cool hot tempers, encourage fellow teammates like a parent and lead by example. He isn't the star but he sure is his momma's star. Here's to a perfect 17-0 season Bud, no one deserves a state ring more than you!
While I'm on my momma bear roll, tonight is his awards assembly at school. I was notified he would be getting an award; he claims all seniors get the letter because each member of the class is recognized. Last year Payne got the top service award. I can't remember what it is exactly but possibly the President's gold service award for over 200 and something hours of community service. For the past three summers Payne has volunteered at a camp in hot San Antonio as a junior counselor. Not only does he not get paid but he isn't playing in the pool with the campers but taking out trash, watering plants and serving meals- what I call grunt work.
Last year at the awards assembly when they were introducing Payne's award as a student who had complete 250+ hours of community service, a family member who didn't realize Payne would be the recipient made a comment to the effect here is a "nerd award." He felt terrible afterwards but I realized that is often how society views service to others. Often doing what is right is not glamorous, fun and certainly won't get you in the limelight but it is simply what is right. In a time when fewer and fewer people seem to do what is right, I am so very proud when Payne has chosen the road less traveled.
While you may not get the superstar athlete award tonight, you probably will get one that means so much more to your mom- the good young man award . Keep up the good work bud- your mom is proud of you!
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  1. Yes and it brings tears to my eyes! What a wonderful young man Cindy and one you can be so proud of! Love your kids! They have had a good role model from their mom!

  2. Go Payne!!! I'm so happy to have met him.

  3. Now that the tears have dried up,all I can say is...Amen.
    We need more people like Payne.

  4. Our world NEEDS MORE PAYNES!!!!!!!!!
    What a WONDERFUL world it would be if more of our future young leaders fought for what was the "Right" thing to do and received the "NERD" award!!!!!
    Congratulations Payne!

  5. What a wonderful young man! I'm proud of him too!