Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hope for Oklahoma

Thank you to everyone who has called or written to check on Miss Cheri. That caring attitude makes us all proud to be Okies. However we can't take all the credit because one of our friends to the south has come up with a great idea to help those in Oklahoma. Our good friend, Paper Crown instructor, Glitter Market vendor and just all around great gal, Heather Ales, has a Facebook page, Hope for Oklahoma.

Heather is gathering artists who will be donating their work for an on line auction. The proceeds from this auction will go towards our neighbors who are starting over following this week's tornadoes. If you would like to contribute please contact Heather and be sure to check out the Hope for Oklahoma auction. This is such a great idea and I appreciate Heather spearheading this project. What a great opportunity for everyone to participate, maybe be the highest bidder on a great piece of art and assist those that so need our help.

We will continue to collect gift cards and cash for Cheri at the store. If you would like to leave Cheri a note of encouragement we will deliver those to her also. For years Cheri has made us all smile and chuckle, now is the time to return the favor and lift her spirits.

For some reason I am unable to loads pics so imagine a cute pic of Miss Cheri smiling of course, the oh so talented Heather Ales and a beautifully simple watercolor for Hope for Oklahoma.- Computers urgh! but at least I have one- count your blessings

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