Friday, November 22, 2013

Glitter Market Previe- Bobbie Sanders

Yes, we are still on for tomorrow! This crazy weather is not going to put a damper on Glitter Market. It is all decorated and Jackie and Susan were setting up when I just left. Please bundle up in the morning and we will have coffee, hot chocolate and cider waiting to warm all you die hard shoppers.

Do you recognize who today's vendor is? It is veteran Glitter Market vendor and Paper Crown instructor Bobbie Sanders. I met Bobbie a few years ago through a mutual friend, Linda Land (we will miss you tomorrow!) Linda said I have a friend who is a great instructor and you need to meet her and boy was she right!

Bobbie has been busy this week and all you shopper will be the beneficiary!
 You will not want to miss
Paper Crown Glitter Market
this Saturday, Nov., 23rd
9217 N. Pennsylvania

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