Friday, November 15, 2013

Our Love of Santos

Since I got my very first Santos from Curious Sofa years ago, I have loved them. We sell a few of my favorites at Paper Crown and I am always on the lookout for new ones. Last night Jackie took one of my loves and turned it into a beautiful holiday class.
Like a few of you, I waited too long to sign up and it was full!

It is always best to Create with a friend!

It was so nice to see the back room full of activity and full of friends. I have a great job and am lucky enough to be surrounded by creative people every single day! I didn't get a picture of the crafting warriors, Lisa, Debbie, Kim and Gail, they were busy doing a different class Thurs.- Sat and knowing Lisa, she will be at it Sunday as well.  Gail came all the way from CA to have a girl's art weekend.
If you missed out last night you still can make Holly's Ship of Dreams class this Sunday, Nov. 17th from 1:30-4:30. Cost is $40 and it is beautiful! I learned my lesson, I will be there!
A special thank you to one of my favorite peeps, Miss Shelly Overholt. She is a guest artist on Art Saves, a subset of Jenny Doh's blog.  Shelly has been sweet enough to share some of her favorite Okie artists and shops, including Paper Crown. Thanks for the kind words Shelly, we are so glad you are one of our peeps!   


  1. Thank you for providing such a wonderful place for us to shop and create! Loving my santos!